Sunday, 5 October 2008

Random Writing for Five Minutes

The other day I had to write a list of things I am an expert on. I found it very difficult. What constitutes expertise? How do you know when you become an expert? I must look it up in the dictionary or something. The good thing was that it made me think about all the things I have particular experience of and in, for good or bad, and also what I have sustained an interest in over the years. Either reading about or practicing/practising or whatever...It's an odd mixture which I may list later in another post.

Some sort of major connection has been forged in Sam's brain in the last couple of days and he is now picking up new words every hour! Today was 'everywhere', 'hiya', 'hello', 'Samuel', 'jumping', and more but also the words he has known for a while and uses regularly are coming into focus. He is pronouncing syllables more clearly and adding t and s where they are needed. It is truly a remarable thing to witness. But I do wish he would stop running off with his drum sticks in his hands, stop putting his hands down the toilet, and stop trying to turn the hot tap on every five minutes. I do not have enough hands/eyes or patience at the moment!

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