Wednesday, 8 October 2008

That's it - I'm hooked...

Line and sinker. I am learning. It's changed my world in two weeks so I am starting to understand what used to happen to the students I met in Fine Art when I was the School secretary. It's a journey. Mine will be a different one to most as I am such an old bag (yes, I am!) and have commitments galore. I can't wait to get back to Sam after my day. I miss him so much. But it has been such a relief to have some structured time to write- let alone fill my brain with some new stuff to chew on.
Today I was sat by the river, trying to soak up some sun in a vain attempt to produce some much needed serotonin and across the water I could see two teenage girls being followed by a swan. One of them was fearlessly stretching out a hand to touch it. The colours of today are watery, bright and light. Fainter than spring but reminding me of it I suppose. I drank a black coffee while I sat there, cross legged on the floor by the edge of the water.
It reminded me of my happy days living in Bristol, where I met with a group of friends almost every Friday night at the Arnolfini gallery by the harbourside. We would sit with our legs dangling over the edge by the water and drink pints of lager or cider and catch up on the events of the week and discuss our plans for the weekend.
Today I was reading a set text for one of the creative writing modules I am studying, The Visitor by Maeve Brennan. It is resonating a little too much with me for my liking but I am enjoying it none the less. I just can't stop thinking about my mum.

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