Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Was a good one.

Beautiful, frosty, clear. Stepped out full of purpose, leaving Sam eating Grandad's Shredded Wheat.

I wandered in to the church on the way to the bus stop and lit a candle for my mum. Stopped for a moment. Counted a few blessings and thought a few thoughts.

Then across the road and onto the bus and stuck my head into the morning's edition of Metro. News quiz today in my journalism workshop- must try and soak up information about the news...eek

Off the bus and into Borders to look at the headlines on the national dailies and a quick look at the front pages of the gossip mags. Pick up a half price collection of Paddington picture books for Sam, which I will put away for Christmas. That boy devours books, metaphorically and physically.

Then off to see my homeopath and then uni.

I got to sit in a cafe and drink coffee and read The Independent at lunchtime. Then back into Borders for a browse before my afternoon workshop.

And then later I get home to Sam, who is eating pasta and meatballs and I sing Supercalifragalisticxpalidocious to him and he is trying to do the um-diddle-iddle-iddle-um-diddle-aye bits!

So I had to make a note of my good day.

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