Monday, 29 September 2008


Today we went to the park and I introduced Sam to the art of conker collecting. When I was at primary school the competition to get the first, best, most, shiniest, biggest conkers was fierce. There would usually be someone willing to try and climb up into the horse chestnut trees and knock the conkers down, before they had barely sprouted, and were still encased in their thick, green, spiky cases. Or it would be a case of finding a long, heavy stick to throw up at the tree in the hope it would bring some down.
Today there was a thick carpet of leaves, empty cases and shiny conkers, ready and waiting. With noone else competing we picked up several beauties. Sam seemed to take to the idea of filling up the hood and pockets of the buggy with conkers and went off amongst the avenue of trees picking up and dropping as many as he could hold in two little hands!
Wouldn't it be great if, by the time he is at school, there was a conker revival!

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