Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Summer Solstice, the end of the beginning....and the last post here...I am leaping across to www.lucyfurleaps.com full time...I do hope you will join me. It's been a hard decision to call time on my blogspot, where I have been so comfortable and met so many great people who have been kind enough to read my posts.

Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Love, love, love

Monday, 6 June 2011

Makeover Week

I am having a long overdue makeover week. Everything is looking a bit tired and fusty and needs sorting out, chucking out or freshening up. The tiredest and most fustiest looking article is yours truly...so it is time for some beauty sleep, healthy eating and an image overhaul of some kind.
Love xxx

Saturday, 4 June 2011


My camera has finally given up after five and a half years of stalwart service. It was the last Christmas present I was given by my Mum, so I am sorry to let it go but it has been wonderful, and I have taken thousands of photos with it.
In that time technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and for my 40th birthday last year I was very lucky to receive a Flip camera. I have been experimenting with, and will have some proper time to investigate and learn to use it properly now, including its capacity to take stills.


6.30am Woken by Sam, breakfast of bowl of shreddies and juice (him) toast and marmalade and black coffee (me),Mary Poppins dvd and a read of yesterday's Guardian, empty and load washing machine and hang out washing, tidy computer desk and clean dining room table and hoover dining room.
8.45 Organise birthday present for friend, phonecall, bath me and Sam, get dressed, pack bag, find library books and dvds, dash to football.
9.30 Football - Sam has suddenly found his stride and turned into a fast runner and a good kicker
10.15 A trip to the 'Numbers' caff for chocolate milkshake (him) black coffee (me) and a copy of the Peppa Pig magazine (him) and Guardian for me.
10.45 Shopping, fill car up with petrol (wince at price) return home, make picnic lunch and put shopping away.
11.30 Collect niece, drive to local shopping centre, visit library to return Sam's books and dvds and he selects new ones. Eat lunch in the park and have races and play hide and seek.
1.30 Take niece clothes shopping for her birthday present and take Sam to the toy shop for bubbles, balloons and replacement whoopee cushion.
3.00 Return to car, Drop niece home, Sam falls asleep, get home and leave him asleep while I sit on the front step with coffee and shortbread biscuits and read the Guardian Weekend magazine.
4.30 Sam wakes up, put on 'Bolt' dvd from the library for him to watch, race Lightning Macqueen cars and then go outside and play catch, try out my new hula hoop, water the garden including veg patch, then pour water on our bare feet and make foot prints on the patio.
7.00 Get washing in, cook tea, listen to Craig Charles on 6Music, dance with Sam to Gil Scott Heron, get him ready for bed, read stories.
9.00 Feel tired and grumpy, feel blessed.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

All We Ever Wanted (Was Everything)

It has been a challenging week for all kinds of reasons. So I was glad to see the beautiful golden-washed moon this evening. All these things shall pass...

I am very greedy and want everything- mostly I want what is not possible and once again travel the circle of wishing in vain, feeling disappointed, frustrated, sad, blaming myself, realising it isn't my fault, accepting what is, letting go...

What I want most is for Sam to be happy and for us to have a home, a family life and a support network. We have some of of this...we do not have some of this...

I am playing the long game.

Love and a Bauhaus tune