Saturday, 18 October 2008

Shooting from the hip

I haven't shot anything from the hip for a while- not on here anyway...


What goes around comes around- well, I've said that one a few zillion times. I even still believe it some of the time. But sometimes what goes around doesn't come around. Sometimes life ain't fair and good things don't always happen to good people. A lot of bad things happen to all sorts of people. And a lot of good things happen to some real rotters. And sometimes God doesn't just give us only as much as we can handle. What about victims of torture, children caught up in war, people in floods and earthquakes or famines who lose their families and loved ones? Is that as much as they can handle? Such is life...HA! There- that's a classic isn't it- it doesn't mean anything really. Wikipedia classifies this little gem as a 'thought terminating cliche'

Can they be avoided? What purpose do they serve? Hmm... It is something I am going to ponder on and come back to. I bet I am guilty as anyone else for using platitudes in my everyday conversation and writing. I am going to try and keep an eye/ear on it.

For more wiki wonder on Platitudes...

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