Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I find myself in the peculiar position of having to make the effort to stop and do nothing, to rest and just be.
I am hopeless at this but it is a skill I must now master because it will help to make me well and able to 'do' again.
This is all relative of course-as a single parent I still have to 'do' stuff all the time.
But apart from that I have to relax and rest.
My amazing Dad has Sam for a couple of days while I stay at my best friend's for a proper rest and some peace and quiet away from everything.
The house is eerily and soothingly silent.
I haven't looked outside yet today. I have managed to get up, eat something, drink a cup of tea and now write this.
Yesterday I had a meeting at university to work out how I manage my workload until I (hopefully) start to feel better and get used to managing this M.E thing.
I feel hopeful that I will be better and will be able to get on with life but am aware I've been shown a red card and I need to make some permanent adjustments to stay well.
I've been looking at dietary changes- I'm quite good about what I eat- I have to be as I have significant food allergies. But I do love to eat cake and drink lots of strong, black coffee. I've cut down on both recently but now they have to go altogther, along with the daily glass of red wine with dinner.
I've a long history of experience of chronic illness to draw on and so am looking at this as a positive thing as it means I have some idea of how to treat myself to get better.
I generally manage to pack more into one day than some people pack into a week and then still beat myself up that I am not doing enough, not good enough.
This is the key thing that I have to change.
So now I am going to go and make another cup of tea and watch a film and that's it.
Even a climb up and down the stairs is tiring.
Love, Love, Love xxx


  1. Hey Lucy, I've just caught up with your blog. You poor love! M.E. is a tough one & I really feel for you, though it sounds as though you're managing to be gentle and patient with yourself.

    Here's a virtual hand to hold if you need one.

    S x

  2. Hope you manage to just be for a while. I find that wheat makes me feel very ill. But find cutting it all out of my diet is very difficult. Sneezing constantly after a pint of beer is disconcerting at the best of times.

  3. Thanks Sian :-) That is lovely - mostly gentle and patient, occasionally frustrated and freaked xx

    Mme DeFarge I can completely concur with the sneezing and beer! Never met anyone before who did that! Wow :-) Not so bad these days but I probably just don't drink as much beer- thanks though- am trying to cut wheat out- tricky business innit x