Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 was the year I...

walked up and slid down a snow-covered Glastonbury Tor
learned that the tombola is not my friend
saw the Empire State building through a blizzard as I walked down 5th Avenue, from the Guggenheim to Tiffany's; a snow-covered Central Park on my right.
celebrated Sam's 3rd birthday
grew a flippin' awesome vegetable patch

holidayed in a static caravan
threw herbs on a massive Lammas bonfire
got straight A's
turned 40 and had a blast in Brighton with all the people who I love best
was tired like nothing I've ever experienced
started playing the ukulele
laughed in the face of adversity
realised I am tough as old boots
gave thanks
taught Sam to say "we don't like David Cameron"
decided that it's time to forgive myself
met some more amazing people who I would like to know better
Love, Love, Love xxx


  1. What a good year..especially amazing new people..Live around the corner from the Guggenheim..shared the blizzard! Have a great New Year!!

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome year to me! :) Must do a round up of my year too. You have just helped convince me that I NEED to go to New York this year. This year is just filled with possibilities at the moment! And PS- It's definitely time to forgive yourself. I'm so glad we became better acquainted 'last' year. =D xx