Monday, 9 February 2009

Now, Voyager

"The untold want by life and land ne'er granted, Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find."

This is the bit of Walt Whitman quoted in the film Now, Voyager. I watched it again on Saturday night, finally, after ordering a boxed set of Better Davis films several months ago and not having a chance with starting uni and keeping up with everything else going on. This is one of my favourite films of all time. I just love every minute of it.

I feel like I've been voyaging a bit this week. Last Sunday, half an hour after returning from a friend's wedding in Bristol, I looked out of the window to see over an inch of snow on the ground and woke up to about 10 inches of it covering everything the next morning. What fun! What beauty! I held Sam up to look out of the window at the white landscape below. He was a bit confused at first and then full of "Snow snow" not really understanding it but excited at the change nonetheless, and probably a bit egged on by my enthusiasm.

I left Sam with Grandad and ventured out to get supplies and it was so fantastic. The best and lightest and cleanest and brightest powdery snow. Crunch crunch under my big old goth boots (survivors of many a muddy Glastonbury- wellies were in the boot of my car and needed digging out!) and that almost squeaky noise that comes with a proper amount of snow...ah, lovely.Cold and still snowing I made it up to the local shops and back again, laden down with eggs, sausages, black pudding, bread and hot cross buns. Perhaps I thought we needed to put on an extra layer of winter fat all of a sudden. I hadn't intended to buy such stodgy fare, the snow took over, honest 'guv. I listened to the silence and then I put my ipod on for the journey back and blasted Sigur Ros- perfect snow music. The best walk back from the local shops ever. Then out with Sam who could not and would not keep his mittens on but thought the snow was super dooper and was off stomping down the road, checking out the snowman already built. We made our own, which was not conventional but full of personality (and antlers).
The snow hung on for a couple more days, getting icier and slushier but now it is all but gone and it has been tipping rain all day today, so we have been having a rainy 'indoors' day, singing and dancing and playing "Where is Sam?" and finger painting, well, elbow and arm painting really.

I have been enjoying watching old episodes of Cheers this evening and chatting to friends and trying to get my head in gear for uni. Another term starts here. Well, it officially started last week but I wasn't ready for it. I hope I am now...time to get my big boots on and crunch crunch , squeak my way back into it. Now, Voyager...

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  1. Voyager!
    Thanks. I love the photos especially of you and Sam. And the snowman too. All beautiful. Good luck with uni. There is no stopping now! Like riding a bull, you will have to hold it by the horn and always be ahead of the class. Thats what did it for me