Monday, 16 February 2009

Good Lovin'

I felt strangely untouched by Valentine's day this year. The second one I have experienced as a grown up single person. I can't even remember it last year but this year I have definitely thought about it a bit. Mainly because I haven't felt left out or hoped for an anonymous card or felt bitter or begrudged anyone else their celebration or quest for romance. And it does feel strange not to be touched by it. But I am glad to be on my own just now, without a significant other. I've got me and Sam and no energy to spare for a new love, although of course when the time comes and I am ready, I am trusting that the universe will provide me with someone ..heheh.
I've quite enjoyed watching the frantic card/bouquet/ingredients-for-special-meal/chocolates buying going on in Marks and Spencer etc. I've even had a bit of a reminisce about some of the lovely Valentines days of past years and loves that I have been lucky to have had.
I've been more interested in the history of Valentines day, most of which seems to stem from the Roman pagan festival of Lupercalia, celebrated on the 15th February. Thanks to which has some great information on this and to the National Geographic Web site as well. Originally a pagan festival of purification and fertility, and where the month of February gets its name. It is held at the very time of year when the earth is stirring, birds are starting to nest and the first buds are seen on the trees. A time of getting ready for what is to come and what is wanted. Abundance and Creativity.

And on Valentines day this year I thought I love my life.

Get Ready
Get Set
Go Go Go!

With love

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