Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Here Hair Here (Shooting from the hip)

Right, I looked at myself today and I am deeply pissed off with my hair. I've had enough. Time to GROW GROW GROW!

I had long, luxuriant locks during pregnancy and then about 3 months after Sam was born my hair started to fall out. Big Time. Tumbleweeds rolling across the carpet type stuff- a bit disturbing! Which resulted in me having a bob and then a crop this summer, when the bob started to look very weird because of the regrowth coming through. Because, thank goodness, it has grown back. Phew! Now, it is time to see if it will grow long again.

Heheh! Little did I know what was coming as I flicked my hair around like a Silvikrin girl ;-)

This postpartum hairloss is a not unknown phenomenum but like everything else in pregnancy doesn't affect everyone and also affects people to varying degrees. I would say it affected my hair significantly but not severely- some women look like they are suffering with alopecia. It's to do with the hormonal balance, which changes vastly whilst you are pregnant and then, more or less, returns to pre-pregnancy status once you have had your baby. Again, this is different for every woman and is also affected by things like breastfeeding.

I have really enjoyed having my hair short and it's been pretty funky but I looked at myself today and thought...Feck, I ain't no middle aged housewife. I might be approaching 40 with a nipper but this is not me. So I am sworn off the hairdresser until it's long enough to tie back. Eek! But I am ready. I want long hair by the time I finish my degree so I am prepared to go through all the various stages of dragged-through-a-hedge-backward-styling that's a-comin' my way.

I suppose at 38 people look at you and think you want to look feminine and elegant and well-groomed. Well, feminine and elegant and well-groomed is fine but not dowdy and boring. And I need some Dis added to my (Dis)gracefully growing older.

The hairdresser I have been going to has done a great job each time and I am under no illusion that I need to experiment any more with my hair. I've done just about everything I can do to it- purple dreadlocks, skinhead, wild-goth-crimping-backcombing, green/pink/purple/blue at the same time etc etc...but I do not need to hear anyone tell me again in a slightly urgent way that "You do want to keep it soft round your face though, don't you?" like I am some raddled old bag....not yet!


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  2. You are such a beautiful girl. Love your new profile picture