Wednesday, 19 January 2011

18th Birthday Present

I’m past trying to remember where
In Petticoat Lane I found you
I wonder if people go there still
To buy leather jackets as we did
When it was a rite of passage
Like buying your first pair of DMs
Back then I rode pillion
And needed protective clothing
Not just for posing at gigs in
Although I painted your back
With arcane symbols
So cool and mysterious in 1988
And forgot about that fact
Even when I wore you recently
After breaking my wrist and required
Something waterproof that would fit
Over the green cast on my right arm
For a mystical tour of South London
Where the forgotten chaosphere
Was noted and commented upon

This is my first poem for One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry site


  1. Nice memory. I hope your wrist is healing nicely. Whatever the case, nice poem.

  2. and I, too, love my old and worn leather jacket; albeit, since, it's been replaced by newer with HD symbol onna back. great work. I loved it :)

  3. great to see you at one shot...there is something about a leather jacket too that brings attitude...i hear that a bit in the down beat of your poem...nice one shot

  4. I think getting leathers is a rite of passage for all generations. Several rites of passage in my case.

  5. I love worn leather coats, almost as much as I love old worn memories; both are nice to wear again - both can bring warmth to the soul. Cheers, David