Monday, 4 January 2010

Fully-Charged (Note to Self)

This is the way to start the first monday of the new year. I have finally had more than six hours of broken sleep...I went to bed at 9pm last night. And woke up at 6.30am..that's the most sleep I've had in one night since I had 'flu in October. Honest Guv'. And what a difference it has made...

I have been studying every night over the holidays, trying to make headway into putting together the three portfolios of creative writing that I have to hand in this month for assessment. The only time I have had to do it has been after Sam is in bed, after I've completed the usual round of 'Tidy Up Time' chores. So my brain has become increasingly fried and then of course I have had a couple of nights of socialising and staying up late, and no chance of a lie-in to recover.
Yesterday my niece was babysitting for Sam, giving me a chance to print out drafts and make revisions and complete some editing exercises but I was so tired, and Sam was needing his mummy, and I reached breaking point.

So I ditched the writing last night, and was in bed at 9pm. Miranda Sawyer's column in the Observer magazine yesterday seemed particularly prescient:
"And what I realised after that is there isn't much that can't be solved by eating a proper tea and going to bed early."
This is after she had been to see a therapist a few years ago, after what she refers to as "regular doses of The Fear", who had given her some much needed lifestyle advice i.e. eat well, don't drink as much, go to bed before midnight. I can completely relate to this. And in recent years, especially since becoming a mum, have sworn by regular meals, proper sleep and more moderate drinking.

I woke up feeling energised and sparkly this morning, for the first time in ages. So my only New Year's Resolution is to have an early night more often.

Not very Rock n Roll...but as I am turning 40 this year, who cares...!

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  1. It is interesting how much a difference a good night's sleep can make. I've often found myself happier and more creative when I've slept well. There is something to be said for really taking care of oneself.