Thursday, 14 May 2009

Eye of the Storm

I am in the midst of assignment fever- the last ones for this year, and then I have completed my first year of university. Phew! And...where did that go? So, it will be a bit quiet round here until the beginning of June- unless the muse strikes.

There are a lot of changes happening for me at the moment and I think, once the dust has settled, they will all be good changes. Moving things forward again.

The summer holiday will give me a chance to get on with my own research and writing, about which I have had to be very disciplined and put to one side since starting my degree.

I am excited about the next phase.

The wheel is turning again. And at the moment it is a steering wheel.


  1. If you do not mind my throwing in my two cents, (which most people claim is highly over valued), we are now passing through a very unique “phase”, one that is not only about the change, but about reflection.

    It is a very Piscean time. Pisces is ruled by two planets, the philosophical Jupiter and the mystical Neptune. At this time these two planets are joining together and it is an extremely unique time we have a chance to look at our lives in the mirror of our souls.

    Though I expected this time I have been amazed at the reflections I have seen. I have found so many people and things I had seen as reality in the past were illusions and this new awareness has changed my appreciation of the complexities of life.

    It has brought change, in that I have been made aware of my own shortcomings in the way I that I have been so quick to define and label things based on my own stereotypes and prejudices without being as open as I had hoped I was being.

    It has been a time of change, but one that comes from reflection.

  2. Thanks for your most welcome two cents, which make a lot of good sense to me. Looking back to look forward is no bad thing- reflection as action is invigorating and educating and I agree "looking at our lives in the mirrow of our souls" - scrying maybe? Thanks for the low down on Picses - my astrological knowledge is pretty vague- it is good to have a new perspective.