Tuesday, 27 January 2009

So much for the holidays

Well, I've learned a lot over the past few months. I've also left a lot of things behind in the past, which was very weird in the end. I'd been wrestling with how to let them go and it felt really hard and intangible. And then, on Saturday 3rd January, I woke up and felt truly peaceful for the first time in years.
I woke up on my own, without the sound of Sam calling "Mummeeee", or an alarm. I just woke up. And it was quiet. And I was quiet. And I just lay there luxuriating and immersing myself in this quietness, internal and external.
Ahh, Lovely!
The assignments are done and been handed in and I have sumitted a couple of things for inclusion in a couple of things, so we'll see what happens.
And now I am looking forward and living in this new-ish year...I've not had much of a chance to blog but am going to get back into it from now on.
I will be interested to see how this blog develops over the year.
Uni is great but intense and hard work combined with looking after Sam.
Sam has had a tough week or so with a rotten cough, chicken pox and now a tummy bug. Poor boy. I am looking forward to him getting well so he can get out and have some fun again, although he is really loving finger painting!
I have had to rearrange and cancel appointments, social engagements and projects to take care of my boy, which has been frustrating after looking forward to a few days off. Funnily enough though it has been great to stop everything and just be with him completely. So a blessing really. Just hope he is better soon.
Now, I have a piece of flash fiction to write for a competition, and some flapjacks in the oven which need checking. So I'm outta here...but not for long.
Love and Peace to all xxx

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