Monday, 8 December 2008

When the Snowman Brings the snow

I have a million and two things to do- assignments to work on-eek! and it's all snowballing - yes, yes at this time of year as well...sorry it's inexcusable ;-)
So I haven't had time to blog much BUT
I just had to write
This morning
I played Sam Frosty the Snowman by
THE Cocteau Twins
and he Loved it!
And then I found I wish It could be Christmas Every Day by Wizzard
on YouTube
He Loved that as well!
And then something else happened...
I had engaged with Christmas and let it in to my heart
And that is something I haven't done since my Mum died
In face I have hated Christmas since my mum died-seeing it as something to endure
Because how could Christmas be Christmas without my Mum?
But here it is again and now I have my boy to introduce all these wonderful, silly, happy songs, traditions and rituals to.
He met Father Christmas the other day too.
And I shed quite a few tears and decided that I would rather shed a few tears and admit that Christmas is still a time to Bring Good Cheer
Especially to Sam
Because I am his mum
Than try and pretend I was alright but I didn't care about it anymore
Because I do care
And I love Christmas /Yule
I am soooooo soppy


  1. I hope you guys have a great xmas. Been wondering where you were.

  2. Also, all the best in your assignments. I know you can do it