Sunday, 24 August 2008

Shooting From the Hip August 24th 2008

Shooting from the Hip suddenly popped into my head as I thought I would write a bit. So it seems like a good catch-all for any kind of ramble or venting of spleen (I am prone to both...) and may become a regular section of this blog.

Feeling very tired this sunday night. The end of August is fast approaching and the season seems to be on the turn. We just got back from Normandy and although it was rainy and damp there some of the time it seems to be colder and more autumnal already back in Blighty.

Current thoughts about clothes: the leather jacket is apparently 'back' but according to Jess Cartner Morley in the Guardian the look to channel is the Fonz and if you wore one in the 80's, when it was apparently last fashionable, you musn't wear it with baggy blue jeans as you surely did then ( I didn't-it was drainpipes-as skinnies were then called) but must wear skinnies. And you musn't look as if you had been wearing it all this time and fashion has come round again on the off-chance...oh what a faux pas that would be...
I love clothes; always have; love fashion; love shopping for clothes, putting them together; trend spotting and being fashion forward and all that jazz but really- the Fonz!?? I loved Fonzy when I was 8 but surely we can do a bit better than the Fonz? Is that where we have got with the leather jacket? Has it really become a Saturday teatime/fishfingers and chips/comfy-telly-before-bath-and-bed item of clothing? Going to get a leather jacket- a biker jacket, used to be a Big Deal- rite of passage type stuff! Punk Rock n Roll. Two of mine are in my wardrobe: one languishing at the back, covered in various bits of good and bad band artwork- very much of its' time. Late eighties/early nineties. The other I still wear occasionally. Probably always will.
I have been VERY bad and bought some boots that I couldn't really justify, apart from that I had a big clear out of my shoes and have marked up at least ten pairs for charity. The new ones are bright blue flat ankle boots and tie round the front. From Office. Again. Gawd they are gorgeous and impractical. I think the impracticability of them was a big part of their glamour. They are wearable and comfortable cos they are flat but not on any mammoth buggy-pushing walks. Hence their charm. I wear sensible shoes too much now... time for some footwear frippery (but not flippery...sorry)

I have passed my curfew so am now off to bed for a long overdue early night. Motherhood has finally instilled some sensible living habits into me- and although I am constantly worn out , running around after my ever-ready, excited and inquisitive little boy, I am probably healthier than I have been in years and more comfortable in my skin (more about that another time). Hoorah for that!
The holiday in France was fab. The first one for Sam and for me as a mum- and so a very different holiday experience but brilliant. But I now need to recover from it!

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